We design and create intensive warehouses that, thanks to the vertical development, save a considerable amount of space by optimizing the entire storage area, making it much more efficient and better organized. This solution, which normally needs manual picking on the ground, is ideal for warehouses where stocked and handled unit loads devices (ULDs) are mainly EURO pallets homogeneous for item code and/or bach production.

This automated system is characterized by a high versatility: it is in fact optimal both for intermediate warehouses of semi-finished products and far warehouses that deal with finished products.

Our solutions:

Warehouse for the storage of pallets with packed products

A fully automated system that manages the handling of packed products, significantly reducting costs and optimizing the amount of space to be allocated to the storage of products.

Main advantages of this solution:

  • Optimized spaces thanks to vertical development
  • Automatic pallet storage of packed products
  • Control of incoming and outgoing streams

Sheets storage

A complete storage solution capable of autonomously handling sheets of different sized and allocating them in the appropriate shelf in order, ready for a subsequend picking-up for later use.

Main advantages of this solution:

  • Complete turn-key system
  • Optimal management of the handling phase
  • Complete safety during operation

Automated warehouse for boards

The handling of boards inside a warehouse is quite complex and requires a highly technological system capable of effectively managing articles very different in weight and length. Cematek warehouses guarantee maximum precision in the storage and handling of boards, essential to avoid damages to the inventory.

Main advantages of this solution:

  • Handling of articles different in weight and length
  • High precision lifting system
  • Reduction of product damage risks