Warehouse automation technology develops freight handling systems for:

  • framing lines
  • STC - stacker crane automated warehouses
  • vertical warehouses
  • shuttle warehouses
  • buffering and sorting for "lot 1" production type

Logistics solutions are developed starting from scratch from the design phase, up to the installation, assistance and post sale service, and are tailored for the most diverse industrial sectors.
Automated warehouses are designed to meet the handling and storage needs in relation to loose parcels, pallets and tailored made Loading Units. The intense capacity of automated warehouses and the real time control of the production progress and storage add value to the efficiency of all linked activities.


Automated warehouses for loose parcels are used to meet specific needs of multiple parallel lines that produce thousands of parcels of ever changing shapes and sizes. The goal is to sort out such productions by addressing the different parcels to the right destination, and by making them exit the warehouse according to precise and pre-ordered sequences.


Implementing automated vertical warehouses for pallets develops intense and fast paced handling that allows to save space, optimizing the entire warehouse area and thus guaranteeing improved efficiency and reorganization.
The vertical handling system for pallets is highly versatile, and it is ideal for warehouses whose handled and stocked loading units are euro pallets, consistent with their item code and/or batch number.


Solutions for automated warehouses for tailored loading units include the development and implementation of tailored projects. Automated warehouses are able to optimize existing space in order to automatically perform all picking, handling and storage operations.

Among the most innovative technologies for automated warehouses, PLC – Programmable Logic Controller stands out.

These cutting edge solutions allow for a faster working cycle and for a more effective handling management, and they are equipped with a HMI panel - Human-Machine Interface, designed to integrate display and remote assistance features.